The First Life of Tanan

On Tanan's eleventh birthday, there was an accident; a bad accident. His early gift of magic was beginning to feel like a curse as he found himself hunted by the King's Legion, who would stop at nothing to find him. War was coming, and it was up to Tanan to stop it. But at what cost?

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What's Next?

I wrote the first draft of "First Life" in a little under a month. It was hellish. It wore me out. Consequently, the end of the book was rushed. I fixed things in the second draft, but I know that's not the right way to do this.

Although the story in the first book is solid, I wish I'd given the world and it's characters a little more depth. I don't think that's possible when making things up on the fly, which is absolutely what I did.

For the sequel, I've been spending a good amount of time thinking about who my characters are, where they come from and what motivates them. I've written big chunks of the next book, been dissatisfied, and gone back to the drawing board.

Having said all of those things, there will be a Second Life of Tanan, and probably a third.